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World's Best Private Luxury Island Resort?

Iyasu Tesfahuney (Senkam Elet)- Tigrigna music by Iyassu

Iyassu Tesfahuney is singing Senkam Elet. Iyasu entayrekebeka fikri dyu kkkkkkkkk. I like the place isn't is nice. Nice choice iyasu wedi tesfahuney. Nkulu Guayla zfetu seb gabizeyo aleku.. . . Read more

Tesfay Gidey - Ankiatini mana (New Tigrigna music)

New Tigrigna song By Tesfay Gidey. I am not sure if the title is right, ankiatini mana. Mana atenkifatini dyu kibil delyu wala kalie nabakum yigedfa ahahahahahah.. . . Read more

Dawit Haileslassie - Eliana (New Tigrigna music)

Hey I am wondering if This is an Eritrean or Tigray Tigrigna. I knew from the comment left on youtube that he is from Tigray but his accent is like Eritrean tigrigna.. . . Read more

Eriam Sisters - I want you back

Eriam sisters are singing I want you back by Michael Jackson. 3 Eritrean sister known as Eriam sisters sings Eritrean and english music. What do you thing, are they gonna make it?. . . Read more

mieti kab mieti by abrar osman

mieti kab mieti love song by abrar osman. he describes how much great love by saying mieti kab mieti. and he described beauty and love together.

abrahale picture file

abrahale frezghi picture file one of best freinds and another save in my blog. address abrahale file see to the poeple.

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