ethio drama

Gudifecha amharic movie

Gudifecha as a film has obtained a wide acceptance from its viewers. gudefecha is really amazing Ethio drama. Hope to see more Amharic movies in the future.
GUDIFECHA. . . Read more

Belaw by kibebew Geda - shemsu

Very funny Amharic comedy by Kibebew Geda a.k.a Shemsu. Belaw munun new yebelaw? well Kibebew yimelslachu Rasum algebawum minun endetebela.. . . Read more

Yetewega Lib

Yetewega Lib reflects revenge that occurred as a result of a loss of best friend. It is a very suspending movie. Dros yetewega lib min yemayargew neger ale blachu new. . . . Read more

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